Small Business Ideas

Small business idea is a topic where people of all classes have more or less eagerness. However, People with small capital have huge interest in small business idea.

Many of us have idle money but we can’t invest that money in the right sector due to lack of business idea. So most people deposit that money in a financial institution and get some interest in return. But if they invest that money in a profitable business without depositing it in the bank, they can make much more profit. But one thing we need to keep in mind is that investing in business is profitable as well as risky. So before starting any business you should have minimum knowledge about that business.

30 Creative Small Business Ideas 

 Small Business Ideas

1. Accounting services

Anyone with a degree in accounting can start this service. The main purpose of this service is to prepare balance sheet, income statement, tax return and other financial reports. Accountant helps customers with various advises related to money management. Currently the demand for this service is much higher. Because there is a lack of skilled manpower in these financial matters. Especially many people do not understand the issue of tax. So accounting services is a good small business idea.

2. Print on Demand (POD) Business

This is a very good small business idea for those who are good designers. You can print a variety of designs on t-shirts, mugs, caps, balls or bags according to customers’ demand and then sell them online. This is one of the best ways to earn money online. Whether the business will be profitable depends on various factors such as design skills, marketing strategy and the platform you select etc.

This business is a like a dropshipping business. You do not have to worry about warehouse or shipping to conduct this business. There are various companies like Printful, SPOD, Printify, Teespring etc. will help you in various ways including shipping.

3. Start a Small Coffee Shop

coffee house

Who doesn’t like to drink coffee?  If you notice, coffee houses are always crowded. It is a common sight to have coffee and hang out with friends. So a coffee shop can be a great small business idea for you. The cost to set up a small coffee shop will not be too much. The cost varies from place to place. If you open a coffee shop in a commercial area, the cost will be a little higher. But you will get a lot of customers in those places.

4. Cleaning Service

You need an office and some staff for running a cleaning service business. You can start this business with a small investment. You can provide cleaning services in homes, offices, hospitals and restaurants.

Customer satisfaction is a big factor in making this service profitable. Your business will be at risk if they are not satisfied with your cleaning service. Service charge will depend on the area and the size of the installation.

5. Child Care Centers

Child Care Center can be a great small business idea. The establishment of Child Care Centers requires a house or large room where all kinds of facilities will be available for the children. Different types of sports instruments must be available so that kids can play.

Child Care Centers should be set up in places where the number of working parents is much higher. For this you need to do research to find out which area has the highest number of working parents. You also require skilled manpower to take care of the children.

6. Food delivery Business

small business idea

The expansion of food delivery business is increasing day by day. Small and big companies are investing in food delivery business. To operate this business you need an office and some delivery man.

You should have an app to conduct this business. Having an app will make it easier for you to do this business. This app will be a showcase of different food menus from different restaurants. Customers will order food from that menu.

Then according to the customer’s order, you have to collect from the food shop and convey to the customer. In return you will receive a portion of the profit from that food as a commission from the restaurant owner. In addition, you can earn money in different ways through this app. For example, you can charge restaurant owners for displaying their food menu on your platform.  The restaurant owners who will pay you more will display the food menu at the beginning. You can follow the customer subscription model. Customers who will be subscribers will get discounts on different foods.

7. Bakery


Bakery business is an ideal business for tiny traders. To do this business you need a space for a shop and factory. To launch from the scratch you can rent a small space for the factory. If you don’t have that ability, make a room in your house a factory.

You have to employ some good cook. There must be variety in food. Design the food in such a way and arrange it in the display store which makes people tempted. To boost sales you can tie-up with retail vendors to sell your products in their stores.

8. Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services is to provide expert opinion on any subject. Customers will receive this expert opinion in exchange for a certain fee. Consultancy Services can be on any subject. Such as- financial matters, opinions about the market trend, problem solving, setting goals for organization, staff management etc.

You must be an expert to commence consultancy services. You have to remember that people are paying for your advice. So your advice must be something that benefits them. If your clients get benefit in business or get rid of any problem after getting your advice then your reputation will spread around. This reputation will play a huge role in retaining current customers and bringing in new customers.

9. Car Wash Business

I think this is a good small business idea. It is a lucrative business. This will allow you to earn up to a few thousand dollars a month. Before inaugurating this business you have to do some tasks.

First you need to analyze the market and try to find out the answers of these questions.

  • How many vehicles in the area where you want to set up this business?
  • How many car wash shops are there?
  • Car wash shops are more or less compare to number of car?
  • Is the place you want to start this business in a busy area or next to a highway?

After Analyzing these things if you think it would be profitable to have a car wash shop in this space, and then begin this business. Otherwise you have to move elsewhere.

10. Editorial Services

Editorial Services means editing text, removing ambiguity or rewriting sentence. Editorial Services also focuses on problems with syntax or spelling mistakes and surface errors.

There are different types of Editorial Services such as Copyediting, Proofreading, Book doctoring, Copywriting, Book writing etc.

11. Ice-Cream kiosk


Ice cream is a tempting food for everyone from young to old. That’s why there is a huge market for ice cream. You too can enter that market. You could start this business with very little start up cost. To commence this business you can rent a kiosk or sell Ice-Cream in different public places with a mobile shop.

There is no substitute for bringing new flavors to ice cream to survive in this market. People are always looking for new flavored ice cream. So if you can make new flavored ice cream then your business will be flourished.

Social media can be good platform to promote your ice cream. Spread out appealing pictures of ice cream through social media. You will see that gradually the number of your customers will increase a lot.

12. Digital Marketing Agency

At present no business can prosper without digital marketing. Digital marketing is great tool to promote products or services across the world.

Digital marketing can be done in different ways such as – Search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), Content marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-per-click advertising (PPC),

Affiliate marketing, Email marketing, inbound marketing, Digital display advertising etc. If you are an expert in these matters then you can open a digital marketing agency.

To run this business, you need some skilled staff in digital marketing who will assist you. It also requires a decent office with internet facilities. However, I see many digital marketers are currently running this type of business without office. All the employees work from home by connecting to the central server.

13. Buy and sell on eBay

eBay is a platform where you can buy and sell new and old products. This is a great opportunity for small traders. You can reach a large number of shoppers using this marketplace. It is better if you have your own product and no problem if you are not a producer. You can do business as a middle man.

You can resell products of any other manufacturer on eBay. In order to earn this way, you have to be efficient in bargaining because you have to buy at a lower price and sell at a higher price.

To buy and sell products on eBay you need to open a business account and requires a PayPal business account to make transactions. After opening the account, select the niche of products you want to buy and sell. Then you can start your business.

14. Website developer

It is also a kind of small business. This business is expanding rapidly. Thousands of websites are being created every day in the world.

Most people can’t create a website. They have no knowledge about this. So they create websites through various web developer agencies. I also created my own website from an agency named growbigit. They designed my website very nicely. I am very satisfied with their work. So I decided that if I need to create another website I will use their service.

Then you realize that if you can provide good service then you can retain customers and collect new customers through them.

15. E-commerce Business

E-commerce is currently a hot topic. E-commerce has spread all over the world. Entrepreneurs of all kinds, big and small, are investing in ecommerce businesses. It is a great opportunity for small investors. Because starting a ecommerce business doesn’t require a lot of money. Having a website and social media account is enough. You can start a business.

This business can be done in two ways. One is to sell own product, the other is to sell another company’s product. In the beginning, since there is little capital, you can sell your own handicrafts or food. Use social media to reach customers easily. Occasionally place ads on Facebook or Twitter. With just a few dollars, you’ll be able to get thousands of people to advertise your product.

16. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best small business ideas. The way products are easily promoted through blogging is not possible through other means. There is currently no business without a blog or website. There are currently over 600 million blogs in the world and this number is growing.

If you can get your blog ranked well in search engines then you will get a lot of traffic. Traffic is your main asset. The more traffic you get, the more your sales will increase. However, generating a lot of traffic to the blog is not an easy task. You have to work hard for this. You have to create content regularly and post it on the blog. These post need to be shared through social media. Need to maintain communication with visitors. There is a lot of technical work to be done to make the blog visitor friendly.

17. Become a Freelancer

Freelancing is a profession that allows you to work independently. Freelancers work on an hourly or project basis. These jobs are usually available from the freelancing marketplace.

Fiverr is one of the most popular marketplaces where millions of talented freelancers work. This is why most of the people or organizations prefer this website to hire freelancers. So I always recommend my clients to hire freelancers from Fiverr. Upwork is also another popular marketplace.

Before starting a career as a freelancer, you must know what freelancing is. If you want to commence freelancing without any idea about this market then you will not be successful. Because you have to compete with thousands of freelancers to get a job. So you need to have a clear knowledge of a freelancer’s qualifications, skills and application procedure for a job.

18. Financial Planner

The responsibility of a Financial Planner is to help individuals or companies meet their long-term financial goals in a variety of ways. Financial Planner makes plan based on the company’s current financial capabilities. They advise company to achieve cost minimization objective.

CFP (Certified Financial Planner) is an important part of working as a Financial Planner. People easily trust a certified person. If you do not have a certificate on financial planning, you must first obtain a certificate. Then start your business.

19. Currency Trading

Currency Trading is a good small business idea for those who like to take risks. This is not a business for those who are not willing to take risks. In this business you have to buy currency on the one hand and sell currency in the Forex market on the other.

We know that the forex market is very volatile. At any moment, the value of the currency may fall or soar. Those who are skilled in investing and have good knowledge about investment strategies can profit in this business. So I would say come to this business if you have a very good idea about the Forex market.

20. Videographer

It also can be a small business idea. First you can start working as a videographer alone. You can open an agency with a few more videographers when your customer base continues to grow. You can earn a good amount by providing videographers for various events.

21. Event management business

This is a smart business. Those who have leadership qualities and are very good at communication will be able to succeed in this business. It is very important to gain skills and experience about how to manage events before starting this business. You need to analyze the event planning market and the capacity of your competitors. Employ some smart and skilled staff to conduct this business efficiently.

22. Travel & Tourism


A common trend of us is to visit various fascinating places on vacation. We often travel to different countries to enjoy the scenery, hoping to get some relief from mechanical life. Travel agency made our journey easy. They do everything, we just pay. They make plan for the tour and take care of everything from the beginning to the end of the journey. So that this type of business is expanding day by day.

Before starting this business, you are required to do some tasks. You have to mark a hot tourist spot where people are interested to visit. Then deal with some local hotels so that your clients get some discount. Arrange comfortable transportation to carry clients to different places.

23. Social Media Management

Social media is a platform through which companies can reach their customers very easily. But its a time consuming task. So they want to assign social media manager.

So if you are a social media expert then you can easily start this business with some staff.

24. Pet Business

This is a great idea among small business ideas. We all cherish pet more or less. 68% of households in the United States have at least one pet. This trend exists not only in the United States but all over the world.

You can start this business with little capital. Having a shop is enough for this business. It is possible to run this trade alone without any staff.

25. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business where you don’t have to worry about product delivery or warehouse . Your job is to collect customers. You will notify the seller when the customer orders to purchase the product and the seller will deliver the product to the buyer. In return you will get some commission.

This is similar to affiliate marketing. You have to collect customers through your website or other platform like shopify and arrange sales of products. In this case I recommend shopify. Shopify is a platform that you can use to sell products. You do not have to worry about the shipment of goods. They will arrange the shipping.

26. Sell eBook

This business is for writers. You can write an eBook on a subject that you have a very good knowledge of. There is a lot of demand for eBooks at present. If you are a good writer then you will have no shortage of buyers. There are many eBook selling websites that you can use to sell eBooks. It is best if you have a blog of your own. It is much easier to sell eBooks through blogs. Because those who read your writing regularly will become fans one day. And fans will be the biggest buyers of your eBook.

27. Interior Design Business

It is a very good small business idea. But this business is not for everyone. IT is a creative business. So those who have creative mind and very skilled in designing can do this business. This is profitable business. This business typically yields a gross profit margin of 35-40% and 20-30% net profit. The future of this business lies on customer satisfaction. If you can design according to the demands of the customers then you will be able to retain the customers and grow your business. And if you can’t satisfy customers then you won’t get good returns in this business.

28. Health Advisor

Nowadays, most people are health conscious. Everyone wants to take care of their body. Nobody likes obesity anymore, everyone wants a slim body. So people go to health advisors for taking advice on these issues. If you have experience in nursing, health visiting, social work or counseling then you can start this business. You will get advantage if you have a degree in health science, public health, health promotion, psychology, etc.

29. Mobile App Development

It is a interesting small business idea. As the use of smartphones is increasing, so is the demand for apps. Without the app, the smartphone is useless. All the functions of the smartphone depend on the app.

Companies are investing heavily in making apps. So the app has a billion dollar market. So if you are a tech-savvy then you have bright future in this business.   At first you can start working alone. Create apps and sell them to different companies. Or you can make money by creating apps for others. When the amount of your capital increases, recruit some app developers and set up an agency.

30. Computer Training Institute

Setting up a computer training institute can be one of the best small business ideas. You can train in different topics. For example – Computer Office Application, Database Programming, Graphics Design, Multimedia Animation, Hardware and Networking, Website Design and Development, Advanced Online Marketing, Autocad, Android App Development etc. However, to train in these subjects, you also need to acquire deep skills in these subjects. However, it is not possible for a person to be proficient in all matters. So you can start computer training Institute with some skilled workers who are efficient in computer applications.


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