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Are looking for an outstanding SEMrush review? You may have read many of the usual articles about SEMrush reviews. But most of the articles written about SEMrush reviews are incomplete. So today I wrote a detailed article about SEMrush’s tutorials and reviews for you. Hopefully you can learn a lot more about SEMrush and drive huge traffic to your website.

What is SEMrush?

Semrush is a great SEO tool that helps you optimize your website for search engines. Semrush was founded in 2008 by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov. Since then Semrush has been successfully conducting their operations. Now they have over 7 million users, according to their website. They have won 14 international awards for Best SEO Software and 30% of Fortune 500 companies use their marketing tools.

They offer complete solutions for SEO, PPC, content marketing, marketing research, advertising, brand management, online analytics and social media.

From the SEO analysis tool you will get a clear picture about domain overview, traffic analytics, organic research, keyword gap, Keyword overview, position tracking, organic traffic insights, backlink gap, backlink analytics, backlink audit, site audit and on page SEO.

Advertisers can use this tool to evaluate their ad performance. Along with this they will get an idea about the advertising strategies, strengths and weaknesses of the competitors.   .

Semrush has made the job of content marketers much easier. Content marketers are getting help from here in various ways, such as – Content topic research, SEO writing assistant, post tracking and content audit.

Social media toolkit plays a vital role in managing social media content. You can set your goals of social media. You can see the insights and engagement of followers. You can also observe the activities of your competitors and find out the details of their social media strategy.

There are many more features that I have discussed in detail below.

Pros of SEMrush

  • Semrush is a great tool for keyword research. They have 20B keywords, 14M suggestions for a single word and 120 country databases. Keyword research tool allows you to find out how many people search for a keyword, rank difficulty level of keyword, the SERP insights, and the advertising cost and also see what websites currently rank for that word.
  • Semrush perfectly identifies the technical issues of SEO. They have their own crawls which checks web pages to fix errors and point out any improvement.
  • Want to analyze domains? Semrush domain overview will provide you with a complete analysis report. This report includes online visibility, domain growth trends, traffic, backlinks, comparison with up to 5 competitors, and comparison of performance in different countries.
  • All the data is presented through lists, graphs and charts so that the users can know all the information in an instant.
  • Semrush is very helpful tool to know all the information of the competitors. You can analyze competitor websites, their top ranking keywords, pages, traffic metrics and advertising strategies.
  • If you want to build a solid social media strategy for your business, then Semrush Social Media Tolkits are ready to help you. It accelerates the client’s social media growth.
  • Semrush is also helpful for local SEO. Their system can tracks your local position and audit your site performance.
  • Customer support of Semrush is outstanding. They serve customers through phone, chat and email.
  • Every user is eligible for a 14-day free trial. This is a great opportunity for customers. This will allow customers to make the right decision by examining the advantages and disadvantages of Semrush.

Semrush Free TrialCons of SEMrush

  • If you are an agency then it is a little bit problem for you because Semrush allow one user account that means only one person can log in using it at a time.
  • Sometimes social media toolkit and Keyword Magic Tool do not work properly.
  • Pricing is a bit expensive compared to competitors.

SEMrush Features and Tutorials  

Now I am going to discuss all the features and usage of SEMrush Tools.

Semrush dashborad
SEMrush Tools

SEO Toolkits

SEO Toolkits have 15 tools that are divided into 5 areas.

  1. Competitive research
  2. Keyword research
  3. Link building
  4. On page & Tech SEO
  5. Rank Tracking

Competitive research section provides some tools that are domain overview, traffic analytics, organic search, keyword gap, backlinks gap.

                  SEO < Competitive Research < Domain Overview

Let’s start with the domain overview. When you enter your website link in domain overview section, you will get different information about your domain. The first row will contain information related to authority score, organic search traffic, paid search traffic, backlinks, display advertising. There you will find country-based performances of organic and paid traffic. Scroll down and you will see Top Organic Keywords and Organic Position Distribution. Then you will see the list of main organic competitors, branded traffic trend, top paid keywords, main paid competitors etc.

SEMrush Review
Domain overview of
                 SEO < Competitive Research < Traffic Analytics

Through traffic analytics tool you can benchmark your website against up to 5 competitors.

Traffic analytics competitors

                   SEO < Competitive Research < Organic Research

Organic research tool lets you to discover your competitors’ best keywords. You can observe rivals keyword rankings on desktop and mobile. Rivals SERP position and organic traffic metric is also displayed here. You have full control to sort and filter keywords by any parameters you want. It is possible to apply more than one filter at once.

If you look at position changes report you can see competitor’s new keywords as well as those they have lost over time.

You can see which of their keywords get very good ranking and keywords did not do well.

The competitive positioning map provides information about number of keywords and organic traffic volume. In this map X axis shows the number of keywords and Y axis displays the organic traffic volume.

If you want to see the best performing page of your competitors, you can see it from page report.

Your competitors may follow a different strategy that is to promote a certain URL in organic search.  If you want to analyze the effectiveness of this strategy, then click on URL option. It will show some data such as keywords, monthly traffic, and estimated traffic cost for a specific URL.

organic research
Organic Research of
                   SEO < Competitive Research < Keyword Gap

The Keyword Gap tool lets you compare your keyword to your up to 5 competitors. Here you can see missing keywords, weak keywords, common keywords shared by all sites and total keywords overlap. Scroll down and see all keywords details. This report is very important for you because you can realize your stand against your competitors. Then you can take necessary steps to beat your competitors.

keyword gap
Keyword Gap of with
                 SEO < Competitive Research < Backlink Gap

Using the Backlink Gap tool, you can compare your backlink profiles with up to 5 competitors. You just have to enter the link of your competitors and the rest of the work will done by Semrush. This will give you a complete idea of ​​the competitors’ link building strategies. There is no problem even if you are not sure about your competitor. You can see auto-suggested competitors when you click on another input field after inputting your domain.

back link gap
Analysis of backlink gap between and
                    SEO < Keyword Research < Keyword Overview

Keyword overview tool allows you to analyze your keywords. When you input keywords in the search bar, you will get various information about that keyword, such as keyword volume, global volume, result in SERP, keyword difficulty, CPC, Trend, Keyword Variations, Keyword related question, related keywords.

keyword overview

Here we have analyzed “loan” keyword. If you want, you can analyze up to 100 keywords together.

SEMrush review

                 SEO < Keyword Research < Keyword Magic Tool

Keyword Magic Tool is a great keyword research tool. When you search something on Semrush this tool store all your search history. When you click on this tool, it will show your search history by date. This tool is very effective for finding long tail keyword. If you want to rank a specific keyword for a certain country then you can take help from keyword magic tool. Besides, this tool serves you a vast number of essential data such as search volume, trend, cost per click, competitive density, keyword difficulty, SERP features, click potential, top competitors etc.

Keyword magic tool

               SEO < Keyword Research< Keyword Manager

If you want deeper keyword analysis then use keyword manager tool. This tool lets you analyze 1000 keywords at a time. But this tool only available to paid subscribers.

               SEO < Keyword Research < Organic Traffic Insight

Organic Traffic Insights tools combine Google analytics, search console and Semrush data. This tool displays different data such as click-through rate, sessions, and volume with organic keywords and rankings found by Semrush and Google Search Console. 

               SEO < Link Building < Backlink Audit

If you want to check your backlink profile’s health then backlink audit tool can help you. Just input your domain in search box and see the result. This report shows toxicity score of every backlink. So you can identify and remove harmful links.

Backlink Audit

                   SEO < Link Building < Link Building Tool

With link building tool you can run outreach campaign and through this you can get potential links.

                SEO < On Page & Tech SEO < Site Audit

Site Audit is an important tool. Through this tool you can measure your site health. Site audit report shows different issues regarding your site such as site health, errors, warnings, crawlability, HTTPS, Int. SEO, site performance. Site Audit is an important tool. Through this tool you can measure your site health. Site audit report shows different issues regarding your site such as site health, errors, warnings, crawlability, HTTPS, Int. SEO, site performance. This powerful tool can crawl on both desktop and mobile versions of the website. It can check up to 20,000 pages per audit and 100,000 pages for business subscribers.

Site Audit
                SEO < On Page SEO Checker < Site Audit

On Page SEO Checker tool is very useful to analyze the ranking opportunity of the pages on your website. When you enter your domain on the search bar, Semrush will analyze your domain. It will show a list of pages to optimize. It also provides some ideas to improve your pages. These ideas include related keyword that you can add on your pages, target content length, readability and backlink prospects.

on page seo checker

Advertising Toolkit

Advertising Toolkit is another outstanding tool for advertising research, display advertising and PLA Research.

        Advertising Dashboard < Market Analysis < Advertising Research

Through advertising research tool you can identify your main paid search competitors. You can see the keywords that they are bidding on and their live ads example. You can analyze your competitor’s CPC bidding and competitive density.

ad research
Advertising research of
        Advertising Dashboard < Market Analysis < Display Advertising

Display advertising feature gives you an opportunity to monitor your competitor’s GDN (Google Display Network) campaigns on desktop and mobile. You can track the audience targeted by your rivals. Analyze your competitor’s text and banner.

Display advertising

            Advertising Dashboard < Market Analysis < PLA Research

If you have a digital advertising agency or e-commerce website then you should use PLA Research tool.  PLA (Product Listing Ads) Research tool helps you to identify the competitors in Google Shopping. You will learn about the pricing strategies of the competitors and the keywords that are playing vital role in boosting the sales of competitors’ products.


Social Media Toolkit

Social Media Toolkit is another tool to manage your social media presence. Though this tool you can schedule your social media posts and find the best time for your post. You can create post, edit image and import post from CSV file. You can see which content get more attention of the followers. Track your follower’s growth and demographic data.

Social Media Toolkit lets you know your competitors activities on social media. Get a insight on their social media content strategy. See the story of their success and fails.

Social Media Toolkit comes up with 4 tools. These are

  1. Social Media Poster
  2. Social Media Tracker
  3. Social Media Ads
  4. Social Media Analytics

Social Media Poster assists you to draft, schedule and post content on Twitter, Facebook business page, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google My Business.

Social Media Tracker can track your social media content. It can compare your post with your competitors post and analyze the follower engagement levels and growth metric. You will also see the top performing content in your niche.

Content Marketing Toolkit

Content marketers will be able to optimize their content with this tool. The main task of this tool is to create new content or improve existing content, find content gaps and audit content.

           Content Marketing Dashboard < Topic Research

You may want to create content but can’t find the idea. No problem. You will find many topic ideas through Topic Research. You can see in the picture below, I have searched for topic ideas on digital marketing. Then there are the many ideas are displayed here. If you scroll down you will see many more ideas.

content isea

              Content Marketing Dashboard < SEO Writing Assistant

SEO Writing Assistant tool will help you to write SEO rich articles. It will check readability and suggest related keywords.

               Content Marketing Dashboard < Content Audit

Content Audit is a content marketing tool that helps you to analyze the performance of your content. You just input your content domain on search bar then Semrush will analyze your content. On the basis of content performance you can update your content or remove it.

Photo: SEMrush
               Content Marketing Dashboard < Post Tracking

One of the ways of link building is guest post. You can enrich your backlink profile by publishing relevant content on other websites through guest posts. With the Post Tracking tool, you can easily find your niche related blogs that allow guest posts. Then after your post is published, you can track the performance of that post through this tool.

SEMrush Features at a glance

Competitive Traffic Analysis :

- Geographic databases
- Historical data (up to 4 years)
- Audience analysis
- Industry analysis
- Traffic journey analysis
- Competitive positioning map
- Traffic metrics for top 100 pages for any website
- Bulk analysis
Competitive Organic/Paid Search Analysis :

- Domains’ organic/paid positions
- Keyword gap analysis
- Display advertising, - - PLA
- SERP features analysis
- Bulk analysis
Domain Analytics :

- Overview
- Organic Research
- Backlinks
- Advertising Research
- PLA Research
- Display Advertising
- Traffic Analytics
- Rankings
- Keyword Gap
- Charts
Keyword Research :

- Keyword database (20 Billion)
- Separate metrics for desktop and mobile keywords
- Question keywords
- Click potential
- On-demand metric update
- Search intent analysis via semantic groups
Content Marketing :

- Topic research
- Content audit
- Personalized recommendations: (keyword suggestions, text length, tone of voice, readability, plagiarism)
- Wordpress & Google Docs integration
Social Media :

- Available networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, Youtube)
- (Cross-platform posting & analytics)
- Competitive analysis
- Social media advertising
- Mentions monitoring
Reporting & Collaboration:

- Custom PDF reports
- Reporting templates
- Scheduling
- Google Data Studio connector
- Branded, white-label reports & custom themes
- External sources data embedding

Plans and Pricing

Plans Pricing of SEMrush


  • 5 Projects
  • 500 Keywords to track
  • 100 000 Pages to crawl
  • 10 000 Results per report
  • 250 Keyword metrics updates per month
  • 500 SEO Ideas Units
  • 50 Social profiles for monitoring
  • 10 Social profiles for posting
  • 5 Scheduled PDF reports


  • 15 Projects
  • 1500 Keywords to track
  • 300 000 Pages to craw
  • 30 000 Results per report
  • 1000 Keyword metrics updates per month
  • 800 SEO Ideas Units
  • 100 Social profiles for monitoring
  • 30 Social profiles for posting
  • 20 Scheduled PDF reports


  • 40 Projects
  • 5000 Keywords to track
  • 1000 000 Pages to crawl
  • 50 000 Results per report
  • 5000 Keyword metrics updates per month
  • 2000 SEO Ideas Units
  • 300 Social profiles for monitoring
  • 50 Social profiles for posting
  • 50 Scheduled PDF reports

Customers reviews on SEMrush

Trustpilot review

SEMrush review

Trust Radius review

Software suggest review

Capterra review

I collected SEMrush customer reviews from five different platforms. The main purpose behind this is to let you know if customers are satisfied with using SEMrush. Here you can see that most of the customers of SEMrush are very satisfied. Not only customers but also big marketers recommend SEMrush as the best SEO tool. So I hope you will be able to optimize your website and grow your online visibility using SEMrush. That’ll Skyrocket your sales.



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